What is My Mantra? | Using Your Mantra to Hone in on Your Purpose

family individual Oct 11, 2019

What is a mantra?  

If you look up the definition of mantra, you will learn that the word originated in Hinduism and Buddhism with the idea that you find a word or sound to repeat which helps with concentration.  Fascinating to think that mantras help us focus! Focus on what? Mantras help you focus on finding ways to become the person you want to be. Mantras help you focus on shifting your mindset and taking small steps to achieving your best self.  

Identifying words, sounds, or phrases that can be a go to when you are feeling stressed, having negative thoughts, self doubting, or feeling like an imposter will help you focus on what your doing and why you are doing it.  A personal mantra allows you to look negativity head on and face it so you can become the person you want to be. Let’s be honest we have all struggled with the negativity and its time to kick negativity in the you know what.  

How do you get a personal mantra?  It's easy to sit down pull up your internet browser and get sucked into the rabbit hole of the world wide web.  We think there is a better, more creative, and internal way to get your mantra. The secret? It’s within you. YOU have all of the answers inside of you.  You are the holder to your own perfect mantra. We want to help you discover it Click here to download the how to create my personal mantra exercise! 

Now I have my mantra, what the heck do I do with it? 

Yay! You have a mantra. Take a second and do a happy dance. No really, stop reading, stand up, and do a little dance!  You just deposited some major kudo points in your buffer! Here is the tough part about this work on mindset and buffer building, it takes consistency and practice.  With your mantra you need to find ways to repeat it, read it, and render it a part of your daily life. Put it on a post-it on your computer, peer it with your person (or people) and ask them to text you it once a day, say it to yourself in front of the mirror, OUT LOUD, with confidence!  WRITE IT DOWN!

Remember the idea of a mantra is that it is repeated to help with concentration and overall mindset.  The more you use it, the more power it will have on your journey to being the best you.