Daily Habit Revamp | 3 Strategies to Find Clarity in Your Daily Routine

family habits individual Nov 01, 2019

Clearing space. Making room. Finding peace.

Don’t those phrases just make you feel a little lighter? The problem is that most people can’t seem to find the path that will take them from where they are now to “that place”—the one they want to be in, where things are more simple. Are you one of these people? You’re in luck. Today we’re sharing three strategies to help you get to your desired destination!

I’ve gotta warn you, though. They’re not sexy. They’re not exhilarating. And you’re certainly not going to want to jump out of your chair to get started on them right away. However, by implementing these strategies and putting in the work, you will find the space and clarity you need to decrease stress and create room for joy. So, what are these two magical strategies? I’m so glad you asked! They are: 1.) Setting priorities, 2.) Establishing habits and 3.) Knowing the rewards that make you tick. 

I know what you’re thinking: Oh, man! I just can’t wait to sit down and analyze my priorities and habits! Right?!

Honestly, this exercise can be a lot more exciting than it sounds, because tweaking just one habit can significantly shift your overall outlook throughout the day. And as we discussed in this post, changing your outlook can help you recognize opportunities for making significant deposits into your buffer. A minor change that results in a big win—yes, please!

So, how do we get started?

3 Strategies to Find Clarity in Your Daily Routine 

Step 1: Make one priority more bearable

Setting priorities and learning to say no are both incredibly important skills. However, we all have obligations and responsibilities that we can’t simply ditch anytime we’re feeling overloaded. What we can do is make our obligations more bearable. 

Action Item: Download this week’s PDF here and list one obligation that increases your stress level—a pain point that really raises your heart rate on a regular basis. Next, brainstorm three different ideas that could make that obligation more bearable. 

For example, does meal planning and grocery shopping stress you out every week? To relieve the stress of that obligation, you could:

  • Allot time for meal planning throughout the week so it doesn’t have to be done on the same day as the grocery shopping.

  • Grab a friend and meal plan together. Alternate weeks so you only have to plan meals for your family every other week.

  • Join eMeals and send your list to Walmart or Amazon Fresh every week for a quick and easy pick-up or delivery.

Step 2: Create a morning routine that makes deposits into your buffer

Does it have to be a morning routine? No. But we always recommend starting there because a good morning routine tends to have the most significant impact on the remainder of your day. Whichever routine you choose, make sure the habits you implement increase joy and clarify your outlook on the day.

We recommend using the routine-building strategy of “Habit Stacking” outlined in the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. If you aren’t familiar with this book, it’s a quick read that just might change your life! Here’s the formula the author teaches:


Cue >> Habit Stack >> Habit Stack >> Habit Stack >> Reward

The “cue” here needs to be something very concrete. With that said, Get up in the morning isn’t a clear enough cue. Your cue should be something closer to, Alarm goes off and I start X habit. The term “Habit Stacking” refers to a process that looks like this: “When I finish X habit, I will begin Y habit.” At Readiness Group, we recommend creating a Habit Stacking routine that fits the following criteria:


Cue that takes place before the kids get up >> Habit that makes you feel productive >> Habit that makes you feel physically active >> Habit that makes you feel socially connected (not social media!) >> Reward that makes you feel at peace


So, in practice, your Habit Stack might look like this:

Alarm goes off >> Fold the load of laundry you put in the dryer the night before >> Do 10 minutes of yoga via a streaming service >> Write a quick message of appreciation to someone you care for >> Enjoy 10 minutes of coffee and back porch sittin’ before you jump in the shower

Action Item: Take a few minutes to write down your routine on the PDF you downloaded earlier. Your routine will likely look very different from the example we’ve given. The important thing is that you look forward to your routine every morning because it brings you peace. Do it enough times, and your body will eventually develop a craving for the peace your routine provides. You will be amazed at the impact that consistently following this routine has on your life!

Step 3: Be intentional with your rewards

Let’s hop straight into our action item this time around. Right now, without too much thought, list five things that bring you joy and peace throughout your day. This isn’t the time to daydream about hopping on a flight to Fiji! That’s another talk for another day. Right now, your job is to identify small joys—enjoying a hot cup of coffee, reading a good book...that type of thing. The only rule here is to avoid including time on your phone (unless you’re just using it to turn on a great song). We often use our phones to escape, when in reality, they end up making us feel more anxious. (Mindless Instagram scrolling, anyone?) 

Action Item: Pull out your PDF download and write down five small joys that don’t involve your phone. Ready...go!

Play around with these rewards to discover what brings the most peace to your morning routine. You’ll know it once you find it. It’s so important to understand the impact that these small moments of peace can have on our lives. If used correctly, the peace that stems from these healthy rewards can provide the motivation we need to tackle the more boring strategies of making priorities and establishing habits. 


Best of luck to you as you build your routine. Connect with us on Facebook and let us know how it’s going!

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