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family individual Sep 27, 2019

Creating space. Doesn’t that phrase just evoke a certain level of peace when you say it. If you’re like me, your day is often scheduled to the minute with a delicate balance of juggled plates in the air. There are the family plates: a constant rotation of daily logistics including feeding, grooming, homework, monitoring technology, getting enough activity, and taking care of the home. Then there are the work plates: projects, relating to coworkers, training, making your boss happy, meeting deadlines, and competing for promotion. Depending on the ages of your kids, you might have the after-school activity plates. These plates can be large and heavy, taking up lots of time and getting in the way of some of the other plates that you’d like to have in the air for yourself. If you’re lucky, you might be able to throw a “ takin’ care of myself” plate in the air now and again or possibly even a “hangin’ out with my spouse” plate or two. 

So much is asked of the few hours that we have in a day. To the point that we really don’t have time for much else, especially trauma or additional challenge that could find its way into our lives when we least expect it. So how is one to juggle all of this and still have room to chase passion and purpose in life?

We have a model that we’re hoping may help. It involves focusing on two main areas in order to create a little room in the middle for peace, passion and purpose. 


Small But Significant Problems.

We all face them on a daily basis. Things that start out small but, if not addressed, can turn into something really traumatic and challenging in life. Whether it’s  health problems, small arguments that are not worked out, too much freedom in technology for a child, household chores, financial problems, loss of connection in a marriage, etc., we’ve all got them. These are the daily stressors in our lives that can completely consume us if we choose for that to happen. The goal is to keep daily stressors to a minimum. How do we accomplish this? Creative, custom daily habits are the answer.


Coping Quotient.

Have you ever thought about how skilled you are at handling trauma and challenge in your life? Did you even realize that is a skill you can acquire and perfect? From our experience, it absolutely is. From first responders to families with special needs, we work with  individuals who look trauma in the eye on a daily basis. These individuals have a different perspective than the rest of us and a sharpened level of resiliency that allows them to handle more than most of us could possibly imagine. We call this ability their “coping quotient” and we all have one. Your coping quotient is your ability to handle trauma or challenge as you face it in life. The higher the coping quotient, the better. How do we accomplish this? We look at 5 very specific areas: understanding of stress, peer support, having a system to handle challenge, and having a spiritual system of belief in a higher purpose.


The Space in the Middle.

If you focus on these two areas of your life, decreasing your SBSPs and increasing your Coping Quotient, you can create a nice gap in the middle. We call this space your Buffer and it is the space you create in life to focus on peace, purpose and passion. It is our belief that every individual can create this space in their life. It’s not easy and it takes work. But that’s what we’re here for. To give you step-by-step guides for tackling those Small But Significant Problems and lowering your daily stress to a low enough level to realize the joy that is out there in life. And to provide you with the lessons we’ve learned from the experts (first responders and families) in dealing with trauma and challenge to raise your Coping Quotient and be stronger from challenge on the backside. 

Don’t let life get in the way.

We believe that we are all put on this earth with specific talents that, if embraced and realized, will allow us to meet a higher purpose in giving back to this world. Whether that is starting your own business, chasing a professional dream, starting a non-profit, finding a cure for cancer, writing a novel, planting a beautiful garden, rescuing animals, or any other passion-driven purpose that may be rolling around in your head at this very moment. We are here to say, don’t let life get in the way of chasing that passion and finding your own unique way to give back. We are here to walk alongside you in this process with step-by-step strategies for creating space, pursuing passion and giving back. To get you started, we’ve created a free assessment to answer the question, how big is your buffer? As part of this assessment, we’ll give you 3 strategies you can employ within the next week to start creating that space and get on your way to living life on purpose and with passion.

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