Readiness Group 2021 Vision

Jan 22, 2021

Back in 2019, we remember everyone making comments and asking questions about what their 2020 vision was going to be.  In hindsight, we don’t think anyone could have expected what 2020 really brought for the world, for their own community, for their own household, or for themselves.  We certainly were on the readjustment path as a group, but there are some definite bright spots amongst all of the chaos that ensued in 2020.  Because of that, we are not slowing down, but instead we are buckling up for an even bigger 2021.  We want you to be a part of our big Readiness Group adventure!

 So here it is, welcome to 2021!  As a team we met and we did a lot of planning, bonding, and building so that we can continue pursuing our passion.  We were at Legacy Ranch Guest Houses and Wedding Chapel in Fredricksburg, TX.  Go check them out here:


We spent the weekend in the absolutely beautiful N.K. Harper barnhouse and our stay helped inspire us to dream about we want to do with you in 2021. 


 For those of you who don’t know, we are HUGE fans of post-it notes.  And by huge fans, I mean this is how most of our planning gets done.  About 3 years ago we planned our first master course, and it’s still up on Brenda’s hutch in her house.  So in true fashion, we got to planning with our post-it notes for the upcoming year.  We also put good use to our new coffee mugs, planners, and dry-erase wall calendar.


We have been so fortunate and blessed to be able to work with so many communities in 2020, and we are looking forward to adding to those communities in 2021.  Here are some of our 2020 highlights!

 We were a part of a huge grant with the city of Cedar Hill, called the First Responder Resiliency Grant.  This grant allowed us to help provide first responders, dispatchers, firefighters, and law enforcement in 9 cities training, education, peer support, and counseling.  It has been so much fun and the grant was continued so our journey with the FRRP program continues!

 In 2020 we also worked with FAA, the City of Rowlett’s police department, TSI, Mental Health for Heroes, Medical Professional Support, Patterson Law Group, and Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD. Despite transitioning to a mostly online platform for a large portion of the year, we were able to be a part of some amazing communities! 

 In 2021, our mission is to continue to help build resilient communities! We have a passion for what we do, and we want to be able to work alongside you and your team to cultivate your strengths and tackle life’s daily stressors with ease. So whether we are working directly with you and your team or you follow us on any of our social media outlets, we hope to be a part of your resilience journey. 

Here is what you will see from us in 2021!  We are working hard to continue developing our Readiness Group Communities.  Our approach to a resilient community is comprehensive and includes education, counseling, and peer support. We have a proven process that will help create a resilient work culture and environment for you and your team.  The cool part about our boutique community approach is that we work with each of our communities to tailor a unique, meaningful program to them.  Be on the lookout for how we may be able to come in and help your community next!



We are also working diligently building our online community.  You can find us on:




 And stay tuned for our upcoming Instagram and Podcast. Our online community will include facebook groups, courses in a digital platform, an online store, and so much more!  We want to provide amazing value to our community that helps promote their resilience and wellness.

 We are also cooking up an RG Institute!  We are really excited that we have other people who want to share in our passion of teaching others about resiliency and wellness in their day to day lives!  Our institute will be for peers who may be interested in teaching with us and mental health professionals and students who are interested in working with our resilient communities. 

 Y’all, we are ready for the adventure of a lifetime as Readiness Group continues to learn and grow with our communities.  We even have ourselves a new mascot for the year. Meet Beau the Bull.

 All we can say is that we are ready to tackle 2021 with veracity, there’s no bull about it! For now, go and sign up for our e-mail list so you can get all of our updates as we roll out some phenomenal things in 2021!

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