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Our Corporate Story

Our work with corporations has come out of the community's wish to serve our front-line workers. Many corporations are looking for ways to provide front-line workers with tangible tools for building their resiliency. We LOVE partnering with these corporations to bring education and resources to agencies that might not otherwise have the opportunity. In doing so, we have begun partnering in corporate wellbeing programs based on those we have built with our front-line workers!

Challenges We Address

  • Critical Stress | You don't have to be a front-line worker to experience critical stress. Life is challenging and none of us are coming out unscathed. Educating individuals on the Science of Trauma and a strategy of Post-Traumatic Growth is life-changing for many individuals.

  • Chronic Stress | Chronic workplace hurdles to resiliency are high in the corporate world and the ability to balance the demands of work with family and personal life is challenging. The art of  building a Personal Upstream Resiliency Strategy is a foundational concept in all of our classes. 
  • The Bridge | Unfortunately, a wide gap exists between the mental health clinicians and the people who need it. Our Every Person a Peer approach bridges that gap by integrating resiliency into the culture of your agency in simple and effective waysto promote an environment of mental fitness rather than mental illness.
  • Finding a Program That Works | It's easier than it sounds and we have a lot of experience helping agencies to do just that. Our Full-Scale Resiliency Program equips your resiliency team with tangible tools to build an effective and sustainable culture of resiliency for your people. 

Resiliency in the Corporate World




Our Approach

Individual Resiliency

We educate individuals on full-scale resiliency, the science and physiology of trauma, the difference between chronic & critical stress, and the importance of building their own individual resiliency strategy.

Organizational Resiliency

Our 3-Day Organizational Resiliency Specialist Certification Course certifies YOUR people to build a full-scale resiliency program and provide full-scale peer support in your organization.

Customized Training

We customize our approach to meet the needs of your agency. Additional trainings include leadership workshops, personnel resiliency training, family training, ICISF GRIN certification, and community resource training.

Program Consultation

We also customize our consultation to meet the unique needs of your agency. Some options include critical incident response, program consultation, personnel crisis and referral program. management

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