Organizational Resiliency Specialist Certification Course 

The course that allows your people to learn how to take resiliency back to your team and begin building a self-sustaining culture of resiliency. 

Are you on the brink of building a resiliency program and don't know where to start?

Do you have some thing in place to take care of your people and need some extra guidance to push your resiliency program to the next level? 

Do you have an established resiliency program and want to reignite its power? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions then the Organizational Resiliency Specialist (ORS) Course is the solution to your problem. 

What is the ORS Certification Course? 

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Why the ORS Certification Course?

First Responders face traumatic events far more regularly than most individuals in other professions. The First Responder Community is 5x more likely to be diagnosed with PTSD than the civilian population. First responder suicides are outnumbering line of duty deaths on a regular basis. Knowing these risks, first responders continue to walk towards the chaos and trauma, to do their jobs and serve their communities. 

First responder leaders are faced with the challenge of finding an effective solution for countering these staggering statistics. Effectiveness is found in education, breaking stigmas and integrating resiliency into the culture of the organization. The University of Phoenix recently conducted a survey showing that over 57% of first responders fear job repercussions if they discuss mental health struggles. BUT 83% would reach out for help if a close peer shared their personal journey with mental health. Culture must evolve, conversations must adapt at the peer-to-peer level.

 To save lives and take care of their people, leaders must facilitate a program that addresses chronic and critical stress. Using a groundswell effect of peer support, the ORS Certification Course helps your organization build a culture of resiliency from within, customizing it to fit the needs of of your people.  

Check out the video below of Retired Fire Chief Thomas Griffith telling his story. 

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Why Work with Readiness Group?

Founded on over 20 years of experience with trauma and first responders, Readiness Group has built a Full-Scale Resiliency Program that has been tested and proven in over 20 agencies in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The first step in building a Full-Scale Resiliency Program is certifying agency responders as Organizational Resiliency Specialists (ORS) and equipping them with the skills and knowledge to shift the culture towards resiliency at the peer level.

Readiness Group works alongside agencies to build a program that fits their culture.  We will be involved as little or as much as your department needs.  We believe, through our years of experience, the ORS Certification course is the first step in beginning, reigniting, or fine-tuning your resiliency program.  

Part of our teaching philosophy is educating with a peer.  We have over 20 certified RG Instructors that understand the first responder culture.  

Check out this video that helps explain our philsophy on full scale resiliency.  

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Talk to one of our Peer Instructors

Scott Lail, Fire Chief, RG Instructor

"We were stopped time after time by multiple people that wanted to talk, vent, ask how to build a program, ask how to stop snapping at their kids and love their job again...I don't know how many people we actually talked to or how many impromptu peer sessions we did on the beach that night, but there were numerous tears shed, demons called out, and neural memories built! All I can say is that just a mere chance to help can turn into a life changing opportunity for someone..."


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