Training for Mental and Physical Well-being

Customized Courses for Mental and Physical Well-Being


Everyday life is full of opportunities. How do we overcome difficulties and find joy?


It’s simple — through readiness.

“Readiness” refers to our ability to cope with everything that life throws at us. Whether you have a job that exposes you to high levels of stress, have recently experienced trauma, or are just dealing with the realities of life, increasing your readiness buffer will help you become a stronger, more resilient person. Readiness Group provides trauma-informed courses focused on simple strategies of mental and physical well-being that help prepare you for the challenge of facing life’s obstacles. Our proactive approach to wellness helps individuals and teams learn to manage stress, find joy, and discover purpose and passion.


One of the crippling problems facing responders is the lack of recognition and understanding concerning the effects of mental trauma. Readiness Group has made it their mission that no responder should be denied help and training to better cope with those things you can’t unsee.
— Scott L, Fire Chief
When it comes to training, several of our team members had previously taken a version of trauma training with negative results. The Readiness Group training teams’ years of experience and training process made the material clear and usable for first responders needing assistance. Great people offering a great process!
— Randal, G, Chief, EMS
Readiness Group Training can help you transform your personal and professional life into greatness. It has helped me become a better husband, father, and firefighter!
— Ben W, Firefighter/Paramedic/Peer