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Building a full-scale culture of resiliency that addresses the chronic and critical stress of your people is easier than you might think. For more insight, download our FREE Organizational Resiliency Starter Kit by clicking below!

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Interested in more? Check out our 3-Day Organizational Resiliency Specialist Certification Course!


First Responders

Resiliency, education and critical incident response solutions to meet the needs of dispatch, fire, and law enforcement cultures and communities

Medical Communities

Resiliency and trauma solutions that address the needs of medical personnel across all settings: acute, inpatient, and outpatient


Program development, workshops & critical incident response to address the high-stress environment of today's schools


Corporate wellbeing, stress management and resiliency workshops, programs and solutions for the entire corporate environment

We've had the privilege of working with...

DFW Airport

North Texas Emergency Communications Center

Dallas Fire Rescue

Corps of Engineers

Transportation Safety Institute

First Responder Resiliency Program

We train YOUR people to build YOUR program.

The best way to build a program that will last is to build it from within...using people who get your culture. Our 3-Day Organizational Resiliency Specialist Course is designed to certify your team in building a custom program in your agency that meets the needs of your people.

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Resiliency Workshops Based on the Science of Trauma

No one will use a resource that they don't trust. And it's hard to trust a resource when you don't understand what it does for you. Our custom workshops are designed to educate your people on the science of stress, trauma and ultimately... wellbeing.

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A 7-Step Process for Building Your Program

We have learned a lot of valuable lessons throughout our 20+ years of teaching and building resiliency and critical incident response. We have channeled those lessons into a 7-Step process that adapts to the culture and needs of your organization.

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Readiness Group is now a partner with Touchpoint Solutions.  We believe in the power of bilateral stimulation and the Touchpoint product is something you can use while you work, while you drink your coffee, or even while you sleep.  Go and check them out and know when you purchase through this link you receive a 12% discount!  

Touchpoint Solutions

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